Match Fishing Rules (for match lakes only, please see separate rules for pleasure lakes)

Below is a list of our Match Lake fishery rules, please take your time to read them carefully.

Keep Nets

  • Anglers to supply their own nets (recommended minimum of 3)
  • Lay nets out on arrival at your peg
  • Place nets into the lake 15 minutes prior to start of the match
  • Maximum weight limit of 60lb per net, if you go over between 60-65lb 15oz you are knocked back to 60lb. If you go 66lb or over the whole net is disqualified.
  • AUBREYS LAKE – Silver fish and Carp in seperate nets at all times, Barbel in silver fish net. Mixed nets will not be weighed.
  • OTHER MATCH LAKES – Silver fish and fish under a pound are to be kept in a separate net. Mixed nets will not be weighed.

Landing Nets

  • Landing nets must be used to land ALL fish.
  • All fish caught using a landing net to be placed into keep nets via landing net, (on Auberys Silvers can be dropped into keepnet), no throwing the fish in the keep nets.


  • Barbless hooks only
  • Max size 14 between April and September
  • Max size 16 between October and March (based on B911 as standard)


  • No Braid, no cones or feeders. No candle type floats allowed.
  • No floating the pole or tapping the water
  • Float must be used at all times
  • The limit of your peg is halfway between you and the next angler
  • No disturbing of the lake bed. i.e. raking or scraping with landing net etc.
  • No gardening allowed

Allowed Baits

  • Only things listed here can be used. Nothing else as feed and hook bait.
  • Maggot, Pinkies, Caster, Worm, Sweetcorn (in kernel form only not as slop or soup etc), Commercially cooked hemp seed
  • Jansons Feed Pellets are the ONLY feed pellet allowed on this fishery, (feed pellets must be fed in pellet form and not as slop or dust etc)
  • Dynamite Swimstim green betaine & amino paste only. (Paste to be used as hook bait only, and not used as groundbait, maximum 2 pints only allowed per match).
  • Hookable carp pellets, banded carp pellets
  • Bread using a bread punch only
  • No floating baits of any kind to be fed or fished.
  • No Groundbait

Bait Limits

  • Maximum combined total of 8 pints of bait per match (maximum match duration 5 hours). Surplus bait to be put in bins provided and not into lake or on bank side.

Maximum limit per bait as follows (combination of, and total upto 8 pints):

  • Pellet, Maggot and Caster – 5 pints
  • Worm, Sweetcorn and Hemp – 3 pints
  • Paste (Hook bait only) – 2 pints

General Fishery Rules

  • All safety signs & information signs must be read and accepted prior to entering the fishery – by nature there is deep water and slip/trip hazards on this complex.
  • Due to water borne disease (weils etc) Please take care with hygiene and cover all cuts.
  • All cars to be parked in the car park at own risk, no risk is accepted by JANSON FISHERY however caused whether to people cars or belongings.
  • No dogs except assistance dogs allowed.
  • All litter must go home or placed in bins provided JANSON FISHERY reserves the right to check all bait, tackle and associated equipment while is on the complex, including before during and after matches.

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