Match Fishing Rules (for match lakes only, please see separate rules for pleasure lakes)

Below is a list of our Match Lake fishery rules, please take your time to read them carefully.

Keep Nets

  • Anglers to supply their own nets (recommended minimum of 3)
  • Lay nets out on arrival at your peg
  • Place nets into the lake 15 minutes prior to start of the match
  • Maximum weight limit of 60lb per net, if you go over between 60-65lb 15oz you are knocked back to 60lb. If you go 66lb or over the whole net is disqualified.
  • AUBREYS LAKE – Silver fish and Carp in separate nets at all times, Barbel in silver fish net. Mixed nets will not be weighed.
  • OTHER MATCH LAKES – Silver fish and fish under a pound are to be kept in one net upto net limit other nets for bigger carp.  Mixed nets will not be weighed.

Landing Nets

  • Landing nets must be used to land ALL fish.
  • All fish must be landed with a landing net and placed into keep nets via landing net, (on Auberys Silvers can be dropped into keepnet), no throwing the fish in the keep nets.


  • Barbless hooks only
  • Max Size 12


  • Feeders must be in line, free running with no back stops no fixed or elasticated feeders allowed.
  • No Braid.
  • No floating the pole or tapping the water
  • Float must be used at all times
  • The limit of your peg is halfway between you and the next angler
  • No disturbing of the lake bed. i.e. raking or scraping with landing net etc.
  • No gardening allowed

 Allowed Baits

  • Only items listed here can be used. Nothing else as feed and hook bait.
  • Jansons Feed Pellets are the ONLY feed pellet allowed on this fishery, (feed pellets must be fed in pellet form and not as slop or dust etc)
  • Commercially produced groundbait (Max 1kg) to be cupped in no balling in, (no home made mixes).
  • Paste – this also forms part of your 1kg limit for groundbait (no homemade pastes or meat based pastes allowed).
  • Maggot, Pinkies, Caster, Worm, Sweetcorn (in kernel form only not as slop or soup etc), commercially cooked hemp seed
  • Hookable carp pellets, banded carp pellets
  • Bread using a bread punch only (no liquidised bread allowed)
  • No floating baits of any kind to be fed or fished.

Bait Limits

  • Maximum combined total of 8 pints of bait per match (maximum match duration 5 hours). Surplus bait not to be thrown in lake or on bank side.

Maximum limit per bait as follows (combination of, and total upto 8 pints):

  • Pellet, Maggot and Caster – 5 pints
  • Worm, Sweetcorn and Hemp – 3 pints
  • Paste (Hook bait & ground bait combined) – 1 Kg (or equivalent of two pint bait box made up)

General Fishery Rules

  • All safety signs & information signs must be read and accepted prior to entering the fishery – by nature there is deep water and slip/trip hazards on this complex.
  • Due to water borne disease (weils etc) Please take care with hygiene and cover all cuts.
  • All cars to be parked in the car park at own risk, no risk is accepted by JANSON FISHERY however caused whether to people cars or belongings.
  • No dogs except assistance dogs allowed.
  • All litter must go home or placed in bins provided.

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