Our new Match Lake ‘Aubreys’ is now dug and filled and the first stocking of fish completed.  This included 1000 Chub, 500 Ide, 500 Barbel and over 2,000lb of carp ranging from 8oz upto 1.5lb. Landscaping is still to be carried out, once the weather improves. This lake will see a stocking each winter to increase the number of silvers over the next couple of years.  Our plans for this lake is to keep it more biased on the silver fish side to provide all our anglers with a variety of lakes rather than focusing solely on carp for the match fishing, this will hopefully prove interesting during the winter months, when the carp become more dormant, which has certainly been the case all over the country with the colder weather this winter.

The lake is available to book now for match bookings commencing 2019.  The lake will be available during 2018 to pleasure anglers and the occasional match and open match.