Why you should experience glamping this year during your “staycation” following the Covid-19 pandemic.

You see, many of us like to take a holiday every year. It’s one of the few things that we can still afford and is a chance for us to escape and refresh our minds from the day-to-day grind. With the grip of Covid-19 and the various lockdowns seeming to come to an end, Brits are booking their holidays within the UK rather than risking booking a holiday abroad.

One of the more popular holidays for those staying within the UK are glamping holidays.

What is glamping?

Glamping in an abbreviation of the words “glamorous camping”. The idea is that you have a more luxurious experience during your stay at a campsite. Glamping holidays offer self-catering accommodation with mod-cons such as electricity, furniture and even indoor plumbing! This is why it’s often seen as the affordable alternative to more expensive hotels or even holiday cottages.

How popular are they?

A growing number of people are choosing to go glamping instead of staying in hotels and pubs or renting holiday cottages due to a variety of reasons. With most affordable hotels being booked up months in advance thanks to millions of people wanting to get away from the cities it’s a refreshing choice for those who are unable to find a suitable hotel.

The number of glamping sites has grown year-on-year since its conception and the popularity seems to be in no danger of slowing down either.

Why you should experience glamping this year during your "staycation".

Glamping is a great way to spend your summer holidays. Following the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions a lot of people will be choosing to stay within the UK rather than risk catching the virus from other countries and Glamping gives you a chance to enjoy your time right here in the UK.

Glamping is a great choice for those wanting to get away from noise pollution and busy city life. It allows you to stay close to home whilst still being able to enjoy your holiday and all of the freedom that the outdoors offers us.

Fishing And Glamping

Here at Janson Fishery we offer the chance for our guests to stay in our luxury glamping pods whilst enjoying a spot of fishing. Without the hassle of having to set up a tent! Fishing isn’t a requirement to stay with us, in-fact many guests stay without fishing, just to enjoy the peace and quiet within our beautiful surroundings.

Our glamping pods are situated next to our fishing lakes surrounded by woodland. We are situated in Elton, just outside Nottingham but our quiet surroundings will make you think you are in the countryside!

Fishing is a great way to relax as many of you will know, combine this with our wonderful glamping pods and caravan site and this year your holiday will surely be one to remember for the right reasons!

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