Fishing Rules

Rules For Fishing

Below is a list of our fishery rules, please take your time to read them carefully.

Pleasure / Day Lake Rules (these are for the pleasure lakes only, please see our separate Match Rules for the Match lakes)

  • Barbless hooks only. (Max size 12)
  • No keep nets.
  • Carp mats must be used.
  • Each angler must have their own landing net which must be dipped before fishing.
  • Fish must NOT be swung in – landing nets to be used for every fish.
  • No towels/cloths to be used to hold fish – wet hands only.
  • All fish to be returned to the water in a healthy condition.
  • Fishing from permanent pegs only.
  • Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Allowed Baits (Pleasure lakes only – Match Rules are different)

If not listed you CANNOT use it.

  • Bread is BANNED
  • Jansons Feed Pellets are the ONLY feed pellet allowed on this fishery.
  • Corn, hookable carp pellets, maggots, castor, worms, hemp and carp pellet, paste.
  • Groundbait allowed in feeder only, not to be loose fed.

General Fishery Rules

  • All safety signs & information signs must be read and accepted prior to entering the fishery – by nature there is deep water and slip/trip hazards on this complex. Due to water borne disease (weils etc) Please take care with hygiene and cover all cuts.
  • All cars to be parked in the car park at own risk, no risk is accepted by JANSON FISHERY however caused whether to people cars or belongings. No dogs except assistance dogs allowed.
  • All litter must go home or placed in bins provided JANSON FISHERY reserves the right to check all bait, tackle and associated equipment while is on the complex, including before during and after matches.

Redmile One Rules - Specimen Lake

  • Pegs must be booked and paid in advance
  • Barbless hooks (manufactured not crimped etc)
  • Large mat/cradle minimum 36″ ” carp (v shape) net
  • No braided mainline (hooklength ok)
  • No sacking of fish
  • No fixed leads
  • No floating baits
  • Anglers below 16 to be accompanied by adult
  • No fires (bbqs ok)
  • No nuts
  • No dogs
  • 1 guest per angler (extra charge)

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